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All ASV products carry an unconditional guarantee against breakage. That’s right, you break your ASV product we replace it. No questions asked. No matter how you broke it. ASV is  the only lever manufacturer that offers this guarantee in writing. Think about how much money you would save in replacement levers if you had ASV levers on your bike over the last year. We also apply "Unbreakable" guarantees to all of our products.

ASV Unbreakable Guarantee time limits:

  • All “C6 Series” CNC Machined Levers = 6-Year Guarantee
  • All "C5 Series" CNC Machined Levers = 5-Year Guarantee
  • All “F3 Series” Forged Levers = 3-Year Guarantee
  • All “F1 Series” Forged Levers = 1-Year Guarantee
  • All “Y-Handle Tools” = 5 Year Guarantee
  • All "Rotator Clamps" = 5 Year Guarantee
  • Kick Stand = 5 Year Guarantee 
  • Solo Sag Scale = 5 Year Guarantee


If you have a broken ASV product and need to return it under our warranty program, please read the following:

First you need to make sure you are the original owner of the product and have filled out and mailed in your ASV warranty card to validate your warranty. If you have not filled out and mailed in your warranty card your ASV product is not covered under warranty.
Second, you need to be sure your product is actually broken. If it is not broken then it is not covered under the warranty.

For information on repairing a bent lever click here >>How to Repair a Bent Lever. If it is broken, and you have mailed in your warranty card you have two options:
You can take it back to the Authorized ASV dealer you purchased it from and they may replace it for you at their discretion, or You can ship it back to us for repair or replacement. To ship it back to us you must first get a "Return Authorization Number (RA#) from ASV. You can E-mail or call for an RA#. To call for an RA# please call Monday thru Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm PST to reach our customer service warranty dept @  1-714-861-1400 ext. 100 to get an RA Number.

After you have received your RA#, Please include your RA # on the outside of the box also include your RA# with your name address and phone number written on paper inside the box. Ship it back to ASV at :

ASV Inventions
17811 Georgetown Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Attn: Warranty Dept

Please Note: Warranties shipped back to ASV without an RA# will take longer to process
Warranties with an RA# will process faster than those without an RA#. Please be sure to call or E-mail to get an RA# before shipping your ASV product back to us.



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